Below are pictures of some of our dogs that you may recognize in your puppy's pedigree in our signature red wagon pictures! I have had this red wagon since 2012 & everyone always looks forward to seeing their puppy in the red wagon!

*** None of the puppies below are available, they are now adults that have been or are currently in our breeding program ***

Welcome to Horizon Labradors. Breeders of Exceptional Quality AKC Registered Labs since 2001.

We are dedicated to the betterment of the labrador retriever breed. All of our dogs & puppies are AKC registered & English bred for excellent quality, wonderful temperaments, and beauty. We believe you will never find a dog more loyal, trustworthy, easy to train, and kind at heart than a lab.

We are located in Northeast GA, in beautiful Hart County, about 1 hour 45 minutes northeast of the airport in Atlanta (ATL) & 1 hour south of the airport in Greenville (GSP).

For those who own a small plane, we are about 6 miles from a small airport in Canon, Ga; Franklin-Hart Regional Airport.

About Us

Our love of labradors began in 1998 when my husband, Ricky brought home a little yellow female lab puppy. we named her Meg.  He tried to train her for hunting but she was so stubborn.  We didn't care we loved her anyway.  I like to say Meg was the worst puppy but she ended up being the best dog.  We lost her at age 14.  She lived a wonderful life full of love & fun!

In 2011 I got the opportunity to purchase an all English bred girl, she turned out to be the best puppy from day 1.  We named her Piper, her registered name is CH pointed Sounds of Chicago Tease Me Piper JH CGC.  Piper is now 12 years old & is still living her best life!  Piper has accomplished alot in her life, she is AKC Champion Pointed & she has her Junior Hunter hunting title along with her Canine Good Citizen title.  She could have done so much more if I had the time to go to the events.

Piper is like a daughter to me, she changed my whole breeding program, I wanted everyone to have the same experience I had with Piper.  This became my goal & I have worked hard to produce this temperament, although all the puppies I've produced since then haven't had the perfect temperament the biggest majority have.  A lot of dogs have come and gone through the years. but I am finally at the place where I am the most happy with what we are producing.

In 2012 we added a 960 sq foot whelping/puppy house. It has turned out to be something I wish I had done a long time ago. I absolutely LOVE having a place totally dedicated to my dogs/puppies. The building is made of concrete block, and is fully insulated. Inside we have 8 stalls to house puppies or dogs, whatever the need be. Each stall is 4'8" by 8'8" inside and 5' by 10' outside. The inside is heated & cooled to keep a constant temperature. We also have a bathroom & laundry area, a storage room & the front room has a large area for the puppies to play if it is raining outside

Whelping/puppy house
Kennel building

In 2021 we finally moved into our new kennel building.  I am so blessed to have such a nice space for my dogs.  Our dogs get to be inside enjoying the heat/air or outside enjoying their own space of 20x60.  I've always wanted a place big enough for my dogs to run & play and they sure have it now :D