PRA/crd4:  Clear

PRA2-GR:  Clear

PRA/PRCD:  Carrier

PK Deficiency:  Clear

RD/OSD:  Clear

SK2:  Clear

Stargardt:  Clear

Masons Live And Let Die "Axl" CGC

AKC Registered eeBb ~ Fox Red shade of Yellow carrying Chocolate

English bred ~ Weight 80 lbs

Axl is big & thick with a huge block head and a beautiful dark fox red colored coat! Axl has a tall/stocky body type.  We are so excited to have Axl join our breeding program. He has a wonderful, calm, laid back temperament & his passes this wonderful temperament on to his puppies.  We have been so happy with what he is producing & look forward to his future here!  Axl has his CGC title.

Health Clearances

OFA Hips ~ Good
OFA Elbows ~ Normal
OFA Cardiac ~ Normal

OFA Patella ~ Normal

OFA Full Dentition
CNM: Clear

Cone Degeneration: Clear

CMS:  Clear

Cystinuria: Clear

DM:  Clear

Elliptocytosis:  Clear

EIC:  Clear

HNPK:  Clear

HUU:  Clear

Ichthyosis:  Clear

MCD:  Clear

MTM1:  Clear

NARC:  Clear