Horizon Labradors

AKC Registered
Labrador Retriever Puppies
Chocolate, Yellow & Black

Puppy Delivery Option 1

Our rates:

  • up to 50 miles  ~  $50
  • up to 100 miles  ~  $100
  • up to 150 miles  ~  $150
  • up to 200 miles  ~  $200

Puppy Shipping Option 2


Our Rates:

  • One puppy ~  $350

What is included:

  • Flight
  • Health Certificate.
  • Vet Check
  • Airline transport crate. This can be used as a house breaking crate for the first couple of months.
  • Water & food dish attached to the crate.

Puppies are shipped at 8 weeks old.

Puppy price must be paid in full before the puppy can be considered for shipping. 

Steps we take to ensure your puppy is comfortable while flying

  • Pups are introduced to their crates to make them comfortable in their traveling environment prior to being flown.
  • Shredded paper is placed in the bottom of the crate. This adds comfort, absorbency, and keeps the pup dryer and more comfortable.
  • Crates are clearly marked with both of our phone numbers.
  • Your new puppy's food is packaged and taped to the crate. Airlines are given instructions to feed the pup on long layovers.  
  • All crates are airline approved. There must be adequate room for the pup to stand and turn around without space constraints.  


We can use several major airlines for shipping, but usually Delta's Pet First Program.  The process is safe, simple, and cost effective.  The pup first obtains a health certificate from a vet.  On the day of travel, he/she is placed in a well-ventilated airline transport crate, and received by a special division of the airlines.  He/she is placed on board just minutes prior to departure, and will travel in a temperature controlled, pressurized area of the aircraft. (If the pup loses pressure, so do the passengers.) The pup usually sleeps for most of the flight.
(We do not use sedatives. They are unnecessary and can be very dangerous!!)

Remember – your pup never really knows that he/she is on an airplane, and he/she does not have a fear of flying.  The best part is that he/she can be in your arms in just a few short hours. 

Protect your puppy by having him/her micro-chipped!

You may also have your new puppy micro-chipped for an additional $50 per puppy.  Should your puppy ever become lost or stolen, the chance of him/her being returned safely home to you are greatly increased!  Many lost dogs end up in shelters, and if unclaimed, may be adopted out to someone else, or put to sleep.

Click here to read information about the advantages of microchipping your pet.

Contact Tammy for more information....

By phone at 706-436-1192

By email at horizonlabradors@yahoo.com